Verify a Member

Here at AssistU, we can only vouch for those VAs who have both graduated from one of our programs, and who are current members of our professional community. As members, they are required to agree to run their practices in concert with our ethical standards.

Because some of our graduates have chosen to leave our professional community to pursue other endeavors, we wanted to create a way for potential clients to verify whether or not the VAs they’re talking with are current members of our community and bound to our professional standards. The Member Verification System is our way to help clients do that.

To check the status of a VA you’re talking with, please click one of the icons below. Clicking an icon displays the list of currently verified VAs in each category. If someone tells you she’s an AssistU member and she’s not on one of these lists, she’s misrepresenting herself and you’ll want to ask her about that.

And if you haven’t already, we suggest having a peek to learn more about our certifications.

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– Joseph F. Newton