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We love our VAs and do what we can to help the world learn more about them. This week in the VA Spotlight:

Get to Know Sunny Bain!

Portrait of Sunny Bain

I’m Sunny Bain and the proud owner of my VA practice; Sunny’s Virtual Assistance.  I began working as a Professional VA in October 2000.  I adore what I do and I’m so very lucky to be able to work from home with clients I truly care about.  They provide me with interesting work, friendship, and personal and professional relationships that I cherish.  I provide them with superior support, a trustworthy partner for their success, friendship and, someone that will be there for them – personally and professionally.

I work with my clients long-term.  I’ve found this is the ideal working partnership for me.  I work best with clients when I’m fully able to understand not only “what they do” but also “who they are.” This type of relationship allows me to be the best partner in our mutual successes.

I decided to become a professional VA after my twin boys were born – who are now young MEN.  Wow!  Time flies when you’re not looking!  It was more than difficult (to be perfectly honest, it was excruciating) to leave my tiny little babies every day and drive 35 miles to work.  I was also tired of the corporate grind – I was successful in the corporate environment but I wasn’t happy.  I did gain an immense amount of technical experience, skill, and knowledge in how businesses run while working in that environment – and grateful to have had those experiences.  It became clear to me that I really didn’t want to work for someone else and REALLY didn’t want “someone” else raising my children.

One day, working at Disney, searching for yet another job, always hopeful this next job would make me happy; I came across AssistU.  The minute Anastacia’s website loaded I knew – this is it.  THIS is what I want to do!  I can easily say, that was THE BEST web search results I’ve ever gotten 🙂 I’m so grateful.  Truly thankful to have found her and AssistU.  It changed my life; allowed me to raise my boys, be me – not corporate Sunny, to reach as far as I wanted both personally and professionally. 

Through my 5 decades and counting on this earth I’ve learned that I must keep learning, growing, taking risks, and being bold.  For me, this is living.  I don’t want to skate through life.  I always want to live it, feel it, be in it – whether that’s with my family, by myself, or with my friends.  Living in this way allows me to experience all that this precious life has to offer.

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“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”
– Steve Martin