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We love our VAs and do what we can to help the world learn more about them. This week in the VA Spotlight:

Get to Know Lynda Otte!

Portrait of Lynda OtteHi! I’m Lynda Otte, and I hail from Mentor, Ohio. That’s in the northeast corner of Ohio, just east of Cleveland. I’ve been working as a Virtual Assistant since my graduation from the Virtual Training Program in March 2000. To say that “it changed my life” sounds so cliché, but it’s very true. I’m a high energy, detail oriented person. I’ve always managed to find jobs that were challenging and rewarding, but I realized that wasn’t enough. I decided I wanted to be a part of my life, in control of it, not simply a puppet going through the motions of everyday existence.

When I joined AssistU, I was naïve, truly unaware of the possibilities that lay before me. I was solidly in that corporate box, and had a lot of “shoulds” on my plate. I “should” behave a certain way, I “should” achieve certain goals, I “should” be a certain type of person. AssistU started me on the road toward independence, helping me realize that I can live the kind of life that I want. It was a monumental step for me. One of my clients wrote an article on the value of replacing every ‘should’ in your life with a ‘could,’ and it all just clicked for me. She said, “… ‘Could’ opens me up to an awareness of possibilities.” Now, instead of spending a lot of time on what I “should” do, I realize that there are options, alternatives, and new directions that are available to me each and every day.

So what is important to me?

  • My family, first and foremost. I have a wonderful, supportive husband. Our relationship is the foundation for so much that is good in my life. Our two children, Lisa (27) and Brian (23), teach me every day about love, kindness, compassion and acceptance…they are gifts that I treasure.
  • Personal and professional growth and development. I value the client relationships that have been built–the opportunities for caring and sharing that go hand in hand with being a Virtual Assistant.
  • Spiritual growth. When I stepped out of the “box,” the first thing I noticed missing was a strong spiritual bond. I am now active in my church, take Bible study classes, and organize and participate in spiritual retreats. One of the most rewarding experiences I have found is participation in our youth ministry program. When you look at life (and faith) through the eyes of a child, it touches your heart and soul.

The beauty of being a Virtual Assistant is that I get to be myself, work with great people, decide what is really important to me, and laugh my way through life. There really is nothing better.
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“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”
– Steve Martin