VA Spotlight

We love our VAs and do what we can to help the world learn more about them. This week in the VA Spotlight:

Get to Know Danita Currie!

Portrait of Danita CurrieHello! I’m Danita Currie, a full-time VA and owner of DMC Virtual Assist, LLC. I love being a VA and feel very fortunate that I happened upon AssistU when I was exploring opening a VA practice. After some research and soul searching, I decided to enroll in their Virtual Mentoring Program and it’s become one of the best decisions I ever made. Being part of the AssistU community also benefits my clients greatly because I’m able to tap into a vast network of professionals who openly share their expertise with one another.

Before I became a VA, I spent a considerable amount of time in the corporate world. A good part of my career was spent working in various administrative roles, supporting directors and managers. When the Internet started to become popular in the 90’s, I jumped right on board and got very excited about its potential and developed broad skills related to web design, web content management and writing for the web. This allowed me to grow in my career, and while I was working for a large government organization, I moved into IT supported web functions and managed large scale website projects, developed cross functional standards and created style guides.

In 2009, I left my corporate job of 15 years to move with my husband and daughter to Chicago (he was relocated) and I landed a part-time position assisting a small business owner. Most of the work was done virtually and involved interacting with people in different cities, states and even a different country. I loved that we could work seamlessly across borders and time zones and I found working from my home office very productive and enjoyable.

My experience assisting small business owners – virtually and in person – as well as managing projects and project staff virtually, has been very rewarding. Being able to offer my diverse skills and work with terrific business owners one-on-one, as their Virtual Assistant, is just the perfect fit for me. I love seeing people empowered by their own greatness and witnessing them attain their goals. I get great satisfaction in giving my clients my very best every day and they appreciate that I’m always looking out for their best interests.

One of my greatest assets, I believe, is that I have a unique combination of technical and creative savvy and love making things look graphically appealing, polished and professional. As far as education, I have a college diploma, many college-level courses under my belt and I consider myself a lifelong learner. I enjoy taking on new challenges and am adept at quickly getting up to speed on new technologies and keeping current in my field. Overall though, I can honestly say that life experience has been my greatest teacher.

When I’m not managing my business, I like to spend time with my husband and college-aged daughter. For the most part, I live a holistic lifestyle, eat mainly organic, and do a lot of home cooking. I enjoy being in nature and traveling, love road trips and have visited 30 US states and 7 Canadian provinces so far. I believe in giving back and have held numerous volunteer roles over the years. I love creative pursuits and oftentimes you can find me playing in Photoshop or with my DSLR camera.

For more information about Danita, please visit her here.

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”
– Steve Martin