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We love our VAs and do what we can to help the world learn more about them. This week in the VA Spotlight:

Get to Know Cindy Henexson!

Portrait of Cindy HenexsonFor as long as I can remember, I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit and have tried many different things over the years. After my diverse work at a church, I discovered my niche and what I enjoy doing most – administrative work. Yes, organizing files, creating newsletters and answering the phone…all of it and it was my thing! Then our kids came along and I went from being completely career-minded to more home-minded and realized how much I loved being with them, too! I knew deep down there had to be a way to combine the two loves. After many years of procrastinating, I began looking at places like eLance to see how profitable it could be. In my research, I came across AssistU and Anastacia Brice. It was 2011 and my life was about to change forever!

I researched AssistU for months and started receiving the Virtual Moxie newsletters, first. After waiting and “watching,” I decided to move forward with the program, only to discover that Anastacia Brice, founder of AssistU, had just decided to revamp it. So, I waited some more. When the new and improved Virtual Mentoring Program was finally launched, I was ready and I dove right in.

After graduating from the intense and extensive Virtual Mentoring Program, I was completely amazed! I learned invaluable things that enhanced who I am, what I do and what I wanted to do in my business. Since then, I have had the honor of participating in two AssistU Internships. I also added a fabulous business coach, Anastacia Brice, to my team. She is phenomenal, full of love, and keeps this girl on track with what I want to do in and with my business.

That being said, I truly value relationships. I believe trust and loyalty are important pieces and my goal is to build solid connections with those I work with. I am known to be gracious and I believe mutual respect is key to successful relationships.

I’ve also been known as a focused communicator, which means I’m strong in the language of listening and I’m usually very aware of all facets of a situation. My desire is to understand where someone is coming from, what they are truly looking for, and then help meet that need.

Something else you should probably know about me is that I am a problem-solving addict! Finding the solution to a problem just thrills me! I have always had a passion for solving the mystery of “whodunit” that has transformed over the years into solving the “how to do-it-better.” And, over my 17+ years of administrative experience, I have been given many job positions and handled an array of duties that have created the right opportunities to strengthen that passion. My “can-do” attitude keeps me pressing through to figure it out until all the dots are connected. I simply look for resourceful ways to do things while striving for excellence; an eye for detail is important to me as well. I love taking the load off of my clients and providing them with solid solutions.

On a personal note, I have been married for 18 years and have three beautiful children. We have two miniature schnauzers. I love to travel, especially to the beach! I enjoy reading. I like motivational and devotional books, but I also like mystery and suspense books, because remember, I’m a crime-solving sleuth at heart! And on any given weekend, you may find my family and me helping out at a local warming station or donating food for a local food bank with our neighbors. I find pure joy in helping others in my community.

For more information about Cindy Henexson, please visit her at and be sure to listen to the interview she did for the recent Interview With a VA series!

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”
– Steve Martin