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We love our VAs and do what we can to help the world learn more about them. This week in the VA Spotlight:

Get to Know Amy Kazor, CMVA!

Portrait of Amy Kazor at the beachWhen I first wanted my own business, I was working a corporate job that allowed me to take an entrepreneurial approach. I was running a back office of 35 employees, and through that, my office skills and virtual world exploded. I learned how much more I had to offer when I combined my hard computer skills with my love of creating meaningful experiences for people. Wanting to do more of that, I launched my business in January 2008, before ever even knowing about this industry called “Virtual Assistance.”

For two years, I worked part-time from home while working that corporate day-job. I longed to leave the corporate world for more freedom and the ability to work anywhere. In early 2010, while I was trying to determine if I could quit that J-O-B for my business, I learned about the virtual assistance industry and found AssistU. The AssistU Virtual Training Program had just what I was looking for to attempt to put a firm foundation in my business.

I enrolled at AssistU in October 2010, and ever since I have been working as a full-time Virtual Assistant. I consider myself a generalist eagle-style VA and I love helping entrepreneurs manage their content, products, and events, and increase the quality level of the experiences they provide for their customers. In 2013, I received my Certified Professional Virtual Assistant (CPVA), and in 2016, I earned my Certified Master Virtual Assistant (CMVA) designation through AssistU.

My favorite thing about being a Virtual Assistant is the freedom it brings to my life. I have the freedom to work while I travel and also take time off when I wish to spend more time with friends and family. As a VA, I have the freedom for so much! I take the time each morning for my business meeting with God. I work outside on our deck when the weather permits it. I share my workspace with Finlay, my 75-pound English Cream Retriever, who sleeps next to me while I work and runs me around the yard as soon as possible after that.

As part of my passion as a VA who creates exceptional experiences for others, I actively mentor within the AssistU Virtual Mentoring Program and then lead new graduates within the AssistU internship program. I grow each time I guide and am grateful to have the opportunity to spread my wings while I help others do the same.

I currently live on the Chesapeake Bay in Norfolk, Virginia. I’ve lived in a few states so far – Georgia, Texas, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, and Virginia before landing here in January 2018. Our doggie, Finlay has the best-darned life a doggie can have. He gives back with visits to the VA Hospital as an emotional support therapy dog. This work, and my volunteer work with the American Legion Auxiliary allow me to use my gifts and talents to help those who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms we each enjoy as Americans. For this work, and the work I do each day with my clients and in my business, I am grateful.

For more information about Amy Kazor, please visit her at and be sure to listen to the interview she did for the recent Interview With a VA series!

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”
– Steve Martin