Pat Denzer, sitting in front of green trees

“I have the flexibility to set my own schedule, do work I love with clients I love, and enjoy precious time with family and friends. This is a priceless gift – I’m living life on my terms.”

What I Do at AssistU

The AssistU community is a treasure, and our online space is our shared “home.” I get to help members navigate our space, and I get to watch over it, keeping things organized and updated for all of us. 

My Bio

Over the last 35+ years, I’ve held a variety of administrative positions in the corporate arena, educational field, and performing arts. I have developed quite a unique skill set which I bring to my clients.

In 2013, I desired something more for my life. I craved a deeper level of fulfillment and meaning in my career and to work with clients who brought inspiration and tools to help others achieve their unlimited potential. Having made the decision to take my skills from years as an administrative assistant to the next level, I attended the Virtual Mentoring Program at AssistU. I graduated in January of 2014 and am now fulfilling my life dream of owning my own business. Today I bring my own gifts and talents to others and support clients in bringing their gifts to the world.

You can learn more about my business, here:

Quirky Things About Me

  • I adore skipping on walks with my grandkids, snuggling tight to read a good book and enjoying the latest animated kids movie. I’m a big kid at heart and enjoy every minute with them!
  • I’ve discovered Zentangle and love it
  • I enjoy hushed, quiet walks in the woods
  • In our house, I’m the “Queen of Everything!”
  • By the time I was 7 I had lived in 3 states-Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin and one other country-Germany

One Thing I Love About AssistU

I love the gift I’ve received from AssistU! Now I have the ability to have my own VA business, doing work I love, with clients that I love! I’m filled with gratitude to be living life and working on my own terms with the rock-solid foundation, tools, and support I’ve received from AssistU. Along with the training, I now have fellow Vas that are there for support, mentoring and friendship in the AssistU community.