Our Story

In late 1997, our founder, Anastacia Brice, was working as a very successful virtual assistant, and a magazine approached her about featuring her in a piece about virtual work.

When that magazine hit the streets, hundreds of women rushed to contact her to find out how they could learn to do what she was doing, and use their well-honed admin skills to create a business, freedom, and a better life for themselves.

In talking with those women, Anastacia realized how badly administrative professionals were often treated by their employers. She knew that technology was ready to support them in owning their own businesses, offering the same work they’d done as underpaid and undervalued employees to busy people (most of whom would be solopreneurs) who would be thrilled with the support.

It was clear to Anastacia that there was a need to help people learn exactly how to be terrific VAs, and it didn’t take her long to know that she very much wanted to answer the call.

In early 1998, she founded AssistU. At the same time, she formalized the virtual assistance profession, which didn’t exist until then. She created a comprehensive training program and rolled it out that spring.

Within a year, AssistU created The Registry–our referral engine, to answer the needs of the busy people who very much wanted to work with our graduates. Since then, we’ve trained oodles of women to build businesses they love, be successful on their own terms, and be amazing virtual assistants, and we’ve connected them with many happy clients, whose lives and work have changed through having a fabulous AssistU-trained VA as a business sidekick.

As we reached the magnificent milestone of our 25th year in 2023, we knew it was time for a change. That change, bittersweet though it was, was to stop training new VAs through our life-changing Virtual Mentoring Program.

It’s the end of an era, and the beginning of an evolution we’re all excited about.

As we consider all the beautiful options in front of us to continue and deepen our work with VAs, we are deeply committed to a few things, including continuing to nurture our beautiful professional community of VAs who have trained with us, and connecting you with them when you want to work with a proper sidekick.

We are proud to be a completely virtual organization (decades before COVID, even!),  values-centered, heart-guided, and 100% woman owned and operated.

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“When you feel something’s
missing in your work,
it’s rarely a thing at all,
it’s usually a person.”
– Anastacia Brice