Inspired comments, and real stories about us from a handful of the clients we’re happy to have helped over the years.

While you’re here, be sure to take a peek at what our graduates have to say about their training and experience with us, their businesses,and the clients they love. Their voices tell the rest of the story you should hear as you decide about finding someone terrific to help you.

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Years after I began working with my AssistU trained VA, I find myself wondering how I ever managed without her in my life. She is my champion and my absolute partner for success. Finding her was like finding the most perfect diamond. As a successful author and speaker, having someone who represents me almost as well as I represent myself isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. I couldn’t do what I do, professionally, without her graciously competent support.

Thank you, Anastacia, for pioneering a whole new service and training organization that changed the landscape of entrepreneurship as we know it. My business (and my life) has been forever transformed by the outstanding support of my AssistU Virtual Assistant

Cheryl Richardson

I have recently hired a new administrative assistant. Every single step of the the journey was made smooth, enjoyable and successful thanks to the exquisite expertise of Anastacia Brice, and her Registry Gold process.

Through the process, each one of us, my current assistant, my future assistant and myself, have felt thoroughly held by Anastacia. And each one of us has the confidence that the process has worked well, and that we will be off to a wonderful new start.

For me this process has been a corrective experience. I have let go and hired many employees over my long professional life, but this is the first time I’ve had to search for, find, and retain the services of a virtual assistant to work closely with me. My experience this time was flawless. Thank you, Anastacia!

Master Relationship Builder, Hedy Schleifer

When I knew that I needed a virtual assistant to help me manage the growth of my career and business, one of my most trusted colleagues recommended Anastacia’s AssistU as the place to find a great VA partner.

I’m so glad that I chose to work directly with Anastacia via the Registry Gold process. She was a superb guide and coach in helping me identify my needs and what I was looking for in a VA. Anastacia guided me through the process, she helped me to find a truly exceptional group of candidates, and she was a sounding board as I interviewed and found the best possible fit for my career needs at this time. I can’t imagine having gone to AssistU without using the Registry Gold service to make the most of my investment. Registry Gold was an absolutely important first step to make sure I have the best possible VA support for my business going forward!

David Rogers

Faculty, Columbia Business School, Speaker & Author, “The Digital Transformation Playbook”

Three years ago I came to AssistU looking for a virtual assistant. At that time I honestly did not see the value of the Registry Gold process and so I did the DIY search version. The VAs that responded to my job posting were well qualified but ultimately weren’t the right fit.

Three years later I came back to AssistU and this time I immediately knew that the Registry Gold package was just that, gold! With more experience behind me I now realize that hiring the wrong person costs a lot. Not just in money but in effort and stressed mental health (for everyone involved). I knew I wanted assistance to find that special match.

Working with Anastacia was wonderful. On a personal level I really enjoyed our interactions. She took the time to listen to me and also helped me to figure out exactly who and what it was that I was needing to bring my business to that next level. I know it was through her expert guidance and advice that I ended up with an excellent VA who is a fantastic addition to support me and my business. I am very grateful!

I hope that it will be many many years before I need another VA but if that day should come Anastacia will be my first call. I couldn’t recommend the Registry Gold process more emphatically.

Rosalee de la Forêt, Herbalist

I highly recommend AssistU, the Registry Gold process, and Anastacia Brice!

I heard about Anastacia from a conversation I had with Cheryl Richardson,  in my response to my questions as to how I could possibly manage my rapidly growing business (The Health Professional Academy) and still maintain the expert level of service my clients had become accustomed to. The primary reason I was looking for a virtual assistant is because I was lacking time so that is why I decided to use the Registry Gold service.

In retrospect, I know that process saved me an enormous amount of hours and dollars – but best of all it delivered an excellent result! Literally my dream come true – and then some.

At the beginning, I knew I needed help – but wasn’t even sure on my own where to start or what exactly I needed. Registry Gold was a very enjoyable process and Anastacia was 100% accurate in her assessment of what I required and helped me hand pick –  not one but two excellent VAs. When choosing such an important member of your team there are many factors to consider and different people/businesses have different needs and different assistants have different strengths, personalities and skillsets. Finding the perfect match is easier when someone knows both parties.

This is where Anastacia comes in and knowing what I required was able to help me pick the very best … two – for me. I absolutely LOVE both of these women. When I read the first VA bio and what she helped with, I said … I think I’m in love! LOL. Then I read the other one and thought … uh oh – I love and want them both to be a part of what I am creating here.  One is able to help me organize the whole team and streamline systems and processes and coordinate live events. The other is a technical wizard that can help me with my website, landing pages and happens to speak the same health language that many of my clients do. I am SO IMPRESSED with the work they have done so far.

The great bonus is there is some overlap in their skillset and they can manage a lot of the behind the scenes work of my business so I can focus more fully on my clients and give them more of the best of me!

Using Registry Gold and hiring these amazing talented women has been the best decision for my business – for my clients – and for me – so that I can continue to walk my talk focusing on “following my bliss” while having more time for my family and myself!

Dr. Shaunna Menard

The Health Professional Academy

Anastacia Brice’s Registry Gold process is truly a God-send!  My incredible virtual assistant of eleven years was retiring and I needed to find a replacement ASAP for my non-profit company working throughout Africa, India, and the Middle East. With her Registry Gold, Anastacia led us through a rigorous, time-tested, and highly effective process. With her help we found exactly the right new VA. Everything Anastacia does has her signature qualities of excellence, genuine caring, a holistic balance of left and right brain, and consummate professionalism. I offer my highest recommendation to Anastacia and her Registry Gold process.

Gail Straub

Activist, author, co-founder, Empowerment Institute

When I contacted Anastacia to help me find a best-of-the-best assistant, I set the bar very high. I wanted someone who was whip-smart and a highly cogent communicator, who was very tech-savvy, emotionally/spiritually intelligent, and meticulous with detail, and who was creative and confident enough to push me to grow my already-successful coaching/consulting practice.

To cut to the chase: I found her. She is all of these things and more. After six months of working with her, I am thrilled with her performance and the impact she’s had on my life. She does the things I didn’t like doing (and does them better and faster than I ever did or could – such as invoicing, scheduling, researching). I am pretty much a control freak – especially around communication with my clients, all of whom are successful lawyers – and she has earned my complete trust to interact with them on my behalf.

The intake process (wherein we met for several hours over several phone calls to make sure we would be a good match) was extremely thorough and amazingly well thought out. I count my lucky stars she accepted me as a client. Truly.

Bill Jawitz


I’m very grateful for Anastacia and her incredibly well-coached, knowledgeable, and fabulous AssistU virtual assistants. As an author, consultant, and owner of Power & Presence Training, I’ve had the opportunity to work with two VAs for more than a decade. Much more than assistants, AssistU VAs are thought-partners, researchers, social media support, letter writers, great communicators, and much more. From newsletters to book proposals to event and travel planning, their resources have seemed unlimited at times. They alert me to possibilities that increase my visibility and presence on the Web. And I often feel like I’m their only client. They’re always there when I need them.  Don’t think twice. These VAs are worth their weight in gold.

Judy Ringer

Power & Presence Training

I tell people that when they need VAs who come with batteries included to go to AssistU and to work with Anastacia!

Stacey Martino

Relation Development, LLC

My AssistU VA has made me feel absolutely supported. She has helped me build a team of assistance, set up coaching programs, automate systems, format and edit program materials, streamline branding, and create accountability by setting up editorial and launch calendars to ensure that launches flow seamlessly with deadlines met with consistent communication with my audience. I am able to relax and trust that things are getting done without having to micromanage any processes – I know that things will be handled. I love that she genuinely enjoys what she does. Her unique skill set, dedication, honesty, and work ethic nurtures my business, provides a sounding board, and helps me share my gifts and purpose with the world. If you’re searching for a strategic and experienced VA/project manager who can provide a high level of personalized support to your business and be a true partner, you want to work with an AssistU VA!

Nancy Levin

 I reached out to Anastacia during a time where my business was getting larger than I could handle on my own. I needed guidance and support in deciding the kind of role I needed to hire for and how to choose the right person.

Anastacia was an invaluable thought partner and sounding board. She helped me think through my needs and offered guidance from her own experience.

Her process in helping me hire the perfect person was beautifully clear and effective and offered a great deal of comfort and relief in the midst of an experience that was unfamiliar to me.

I feel so grateful for having hired Anastacia for her support and extensive network.

Rachel Rider

Mettaworks, LLC

After a year of trying to run my business all by myself, I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t even face the process of trying to find help! The Registry Gold process was the perfect solution for me. Anastacia Brice took me, my business vision, my fears, my hopes and my overwhelm in hand with such great good humor, compassion, efficiency and professionalism.

The Registry Gold process is so clear and sensible. Every step along the way I learned more about what my business and I needed. Anastacia was incredibly supportive, accessible and wise. Exactly as she predicted, within four weeks of our first conversation I signed with two exceptional VA’s.

I’m so delighted and grateful that the Registry Gold process exists, and that Anastacia is the remarkable resource that she is. I could not have found the right help without help! For the first time in a year, I feel like I can breathe. Who knows what I’ll feel capable of once my powerhouse team and I are firing on all cylinders!

Lisa Poulson

Founder, poseycorp

Hiring my VA was the best thing I’ve done for my business. Before hiring her my client communication was inconsistent and I couldn’t imagine creating an on-line launch. With her support work is completed ahead of our schedule, easing stress and making my business a joy to operate. After managing a large department for many years, I knew starting a business was a team effort. When looking for a VA I wanted two qualities: a partner who was experienced in the areas of on-line business that I was learning and someone who cared as much about my business as I do. I found both those qualities and more. I love that she takes my ideas and runs with them on her own, checking in along the way to ensure we’re on the same page. More than a VA, I consider her a trusted business adviser and friend.

Jackie Vanover

Working with Anastacia has been nothing short of a dream. I was apprehensive about hiring a VA for the first time. I worried about negotiating the whole vetting process, finding the right person, and about opening myself up to receiving support from others. To my surprise, it could not have been easier, nor could I have felt more supported by Anastacia (and my new VA that I hired as a result of this process). Going through this process has been such a powerful affirmation of how easy it can be when I do allow others to support me – especially when those others are people of such compassion and integrity as Anastacia. AssistU is incredible. Anastacia is amazing – warm, funny, helpful and she knows her stuff. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Anastacia and AssistU a 20. Thank you for all of the love!

Natalie Reese


I needed help with my business and scheduling and I was not sure who to trust or where to turn to get exactly what I needed. I didn’t have time to do a search or vetting process myself so I reached out to Anastacia to help me. It was invaluable to clarify exactly what I was looking for and how to communicate that to potential VAs to get the right fit for me and my business. I am looking forward to working with the VAs I found with Anastacia’s help!

Suzanne LeRoux

President, One Love Organics

Thanks so much Anastacia for helping me find a terrific VA. The Registry Gold process was one of the best investments I made, as you helped me get clear on what I wanted and needed from a VA, and then provided a pre-screened list of strong candidates. That enabled me to focus my energy and time only on the candidates who were the best potential fit. I’ve had my new VA for over four months now and things are going great. Thank you! 

Jennifer Winn

President, Winn Performance Partners LLC

I knew that my AssistU VA was amazing from the moment we first connected, but I had no idea the difference partnering with her would really make in my business. I’ve just finished my most profitable and successful year, most of which I credit to our work together, including the efficiencies and streamlining she’s created in my business processes. She is a dedicated professional, anticipates opportunities, issues and problems often before I do, and is now a critical thinking partner as my business continues to grow and develop. Plus, she’s fun and funny and super easy to work with. I only wish I’d met and started working with her sooner!

Hanna Cooper

Hanna Cooper Coaching

Anastacia – of all the wonderful advice I’ve received from Cheryl Richardson over the years, the best tip ever…was to contact you when I was ready to hire a virtual assistant. You made the process fun, informative and enlightening. You helped me understand exactly what I needed and then streamlined the process for finding the perfect assistant. I continue to confidently refer you and your Registry Gold program to anyone looking to make a perfect ‘virtual assistant’ match. Thank you for your remarkable service and outstanding results

Leslie Zann

I have been thrilled with my AssistU VA. This summer will be two years, and she has become an integral asset to my business. Our personalities are aligned, and she has been a pleasure to work with from day one. She immediately grasped how I prefer to work, and she is the perfect person for dealing with our clients and audience. Since we work with the grieving and dying, it requires a sensitivity and compassion that is beyond the norm—which she embraces with a flair and sense of purpose. I’m grateful for your role in helping us find our VA, which now stands for Very Appreciated (because I appreciate her every single day)

Bob Olson

I was absolutely delighted with the service and results I received from Anastacia and the Registry Gold service of AssistU.  This was my first time hiring a virtual assistant and I was a little nervous about whether I would be a good fit and vice versa. I originally was referred to Anastacia/AssistU through a coaching colleague who I think very highly of but he is more tech savvy and very comfortable with online tools and remote services.  I also have my own executive coach who it turns out Anastacia had worked with for years and he also highly recommended her, so I decided to give it a try.

I initially posted my VA request myself through the regular Registry process and received a couple of responses. While both were excellent candidates, I still wasn’t sure so I decided to work with Anastacia so she could help me.  She really took the time to understand my business, who I was and how I worked, and what would be most important in this relationship. Every candidate she screened and recommended to me was very strong. After interviewing five candidates in total, I chose one that I am very excited about — we start working together this week!  Even during the interview and selection process, Anastacia helped me weigh the pros and cons and think about what it was I really needed and wanted most. She was responsive, professional, friendly, understanding, patient and very insightful. Being a long time entrepreneur myself, I am very impressed with the business she has built. I would and will wholeheartedly recommend Anastacia and AssistU to any of my colleagues.

Susan Saltonstall Duncan

Founder and Principal, RainMaking Oasis, LLC

When I started working with my VA I was overwhelmed with having to juggle all the aspects of my health coaching practice.  She has been a breath of fresh air – supporting me with the management of the day to day moving pieces of my business, such as tracking registrations for my many classes and workshops, social media, website maintenance, landing pages, setting up email sequences, copyediting written materials, ghostwriting, research, drafting program packets, design work, collaborating with other business partners and implementing all the necessary administrative and technical pieces.  She also partners with me on strategy and planning, paying attention to metrics and guiding me so that I can prioritize my focus so that my business continues to grow.  She’s supportive and cheers me on, but isn’t afraid to “tell me how it is” and challenges me to ensure we’re moving in the direction that is right for me and my business.  She is professional, organized, efficient and timely.  I can rely on her to pay close attention to the details of the projects that we’re collaborating on.  She goes above and beyond – whether it’s locating new resources and opportunities or working tirelessly to ensure that I get the last seat on that flight, or to get that last minute sign up in to one of my programs.  What stands out about her is that she’s a true partner – she genuinely cares about my business and it shows in the consistent care that she provides.  I love working with her and I’m so grateful and relieved that I don’t have to do all of this by myself!

Alyson Chugerman

Attain True Health

The Registry Gold process was comprehensive and efficient. Anastacia did a good job up front of really understanding my needs and directing the process. Following her steps, we identified four capable candidates and narrowed that down to two finalists, both of whom were a great fit.

David Kochanek


I was extremely happy with the way the Registry Gold process worked for me. Anastacia took care of everything. Not only did I get the benefit of her doing the work of placing the ad and screening candidates, I also benefited from her insight and experience. Given the commitment I will make to having a VA, this was well worth it to get it right. The result was that I had multiple excellent VA candidates to choose from – any one of which I would have hired. I highly recommend this route!

Joe Callanan

Osprey Advisors

I have been partnering with AssistU VAs for years—and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Their skill sets are vast and they are very professional. What I love best is their can-do attitudes and positivity. If you are looking for a virtual assistant to help you with your business, AssistU-trained VAs should definitely be at the top of your list!

M. Shannon Hernandez

I hired my VA! Anastacia was great and her help was priceless

Marise Cipriani

Founder and Managing Partner, Granbe Ranch

Imagine if you could simply stop worrying about all those things that are constantly falling between the cracks in your business life. Imagine if you could completely trust that things would be handled systematically, professionally and with warmth and discretion. Imagine if processes were put in place in your life so that things just happen without you having to make them happen. Well, you’ve just imagined working with my AssistU VA. I simply don’t know how I would function without her.

My VA is a fantastic asset to our team. My very global clients love working with her, and she must have the world’s most soothing voice. I’ve not seen her flustered yet, and that is saying something. I could not recommend her more highly.

Rita Gunther McGrath

Rita McGrath Group LLC

Within 30 days of starting to work with my VA, any trust issues that I might have anticipated were wiped away by her competence and integrity. I’m a man with many irons in the fire. I have the classic entrepreneurial spirit. I’m on the move a great deal. My VA takes care of everything I need, both professional and personal. We’ve worked together for more than three years, and have added other AssistU trained VAs as my needs have grown. I have never had a moment’s concern about their ethics or business practices. They are smart, savvy, quick, and have made themselves invaluable to me. I truly believe that they are the best VAs in the world!

David Goldsmith

7 Paths Forward

I was excited by the idea of Virtual Assistance, but I’ve found it to be remarkably even more than I’d imagined. I don’t really know how this works (I feel astounded that it does, but it does!).

All of the info that comes to me from my VA makes my personal and professional life so much easier.

Previously, working with assistants had required so much management on my part that it felt like another job. Working with heris nearly effortless.

I’ve gotten progress reports from her that have made me cry with their total attention to detail, and the care that she’s taken, and the actual progress that’s been made.

Initially, I felt some trepidation about the hourly rate — what was I thinking?!? It really is a profound example of scarcity thinking at it’s best. The system of billing is elegant, and very fair. Twice the amount of work is getting done in half the time! (AssistU said this would happen, but i didn’t really believe it!)

She’s made my life easier and better, and she’s *saved* me so much money. From the phone plan, to the cell-phone plan, to the advice on software, recommendations about cost effectiveness, and finding and using less expensive resources — let me just say that I was thrilled to write the check paying Anne at the end of the month!

I have to be a little bit careful about bragging about my VA — it’s making my friends jealous!!

If you’re looking for a well-trained and truly gifted Virtual Assistant, be sure to get a referral from AssistU! I’m deeply impressed with the level of training, professionalism and experience.

In a conversation I had with Anastacia Brice, President of AssistU, she told me, “It’s not about what your VA can do, but it’s about what she can get done!” What’s getting done for me and my company is truly impressive!

Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (SARK)

Planet Sark

I heard about AssistU from the successful women entrepreneurs I study with, including Ali Brown and Fabienne Fredrickson, and felt with their strong endorsement and double thumbs up, that when I was ready to hire my first VA, this was the route I would go.

I am so deeply grateful that I went with my intuition and did the Registry Gold Program, instead of winging it by myself. Launching a business the ‘right way’ can already be overwhelming and stressful at times, and with Anastacia guiding me through the process, there was ease and excitement during a time that could have added to this intense time. Without hesitation, I would recommend AssistU, the Registry Gold Program, and Anastacia for the entrepreneur who is serious about building the business of their dreams, with the help of a virtual assistant!

Bethanne Wanamaker

Founder, Edible Goddess

The Registry request form I filled out was extremely thorough and guided me in being very specific about the kind of VA I wanted: the personal qualities, work style, skill set, computer software knowledge, etc. This was a thought-provoking process that should be the model for any kind of similar search (dating services should take a lesson from the AssistU Registry)!

Beth Rosenthal

If me marrying a woman were legally allowed, I would marry Anastacia because she changed my life. She created the absolutely unparalleled AssistU, a finishing school for virtual assistants and place for anybody to go who would ever want a VA. Anastacia knows everybody who is anybody in the VA world and in between being featured in Tim Ferriss’ international Blockbuster, and Inc magazine, she helps me fix my life. Go to AssistU if you need a VA. Either because you want to search among the best of the best or you can’t afford to get it wrong and you want Anastacia to personally find you VA perfection.

Naomi Dunford

Itty Biz

The AssistU VA I chose has been the VA for my companies for more than a year now and I cannot say enough good things about the level of service. She has been an absolute godsend — almost like a clone of myself, but with expertise in areas where I’m lacking. The place where her service really shines is in the area of creating a presence in the virtual community. A VA can really open the doors in areas I had never even considered.

Bernice Ross


My VA has been an absolute godsend. She has taken a variety of tasks off my hands and freed me to focus on the important work in my business. I’m amazed at her skills, speed and the way she can take assignments and run with them. My only regret is that I waited so long to start working with her!

Gerri Detweiler

Through AssistU, I found my virtual assistant immediately, and we’ve been working together for six years now. I’m so happy with the relationship that I’ve never had to come back. But if I did, I know where I’d come look.

Po Bronson

Living in Australia, I was hesitant about using a VA from a different country. I wasn’t sure how it would work or if it was safe.

I decided to go with AssistU because they had a strong work ethic and strict guidelines for their VA’s.

Anastacia took care of the whole process for me and I immediately felt secure and confident with the whole process. Her professional approach and reassuring manner helped me to relax instantly. I was blown away by the quality and expertise of the applicants and with Anastasia’s guidance and advice

I found a terrific VA. Working with her is a Godsend and I am so grateful to have a partner in my business that wants me to succeed as much as I do. Skype is so easy and communication is not even an issue. She works while I sleep and when I get up everything is completed, it’s brilliant.

I cannot recommend AssistU and Anastacia’s Registry Gold process enough!

Karina Stephens

I worked with Anastacia Brice using the Registry Gold process to help find the right VA for me and my business. I had previously submitted a request directly to the AssistU Registry myself and didn’t get the results I’d hoped for. But this time was such a different experience. Anastacia was delightful to work with, taking what could have been a daunting task and making it easy. She asked the right questions and dug deep, taking the time to thoroughly discover what my needs were, even uncovering some that I wouldn’t have thought of. Anastacia was very grounded in her process, and while there were steps we took together that on first blush seemed unnecessary to me, the results were amazing. The fit with my new VA is perfect. I wish I would have used Registry Gold the first time around!

Karen McCall

Founder, Financial Recovery Institute

I used to have an assistant in my home office. Literally, in my den. And I needed an assistant so much, I had to live daily with the challenge of feeling as though my personal space and privacy were being invaded. It was hard. I didn’t like it. When I found out about AssistU trained virtual assistants and what they do, I was incredibly skeptical. How could someone, at a distance, really help me manage my whirlwind schedule and life? But they do, and I’m thrilled. One of them manages my life. The other handles arranging and managing my speaking and teaching schedule. They work together to make sure I’m very well taken care of. Most of all, they protect my privacy and have helped me reclaim my home, peace and quiet—things more precious to me than gold!

Lama Surya Das

I used your Registry for the first time looking for a Virtual Assistant. I feel compelled to tell you that each and every response I had from your registered VAs were of the utmost professional manners and ethics. I knew immediately I was dealing with experts in their fields totally committed to their calling and those of their clients. What a great reflection on you, AssistU, and the industry as a whole. Congratulations and “thank you” for providing such valuable service. I’ll be sure to tell others!

Ali R. Rodriguez

When I was expanding my business and needed help I turned to AssistU to find a VA to support me. I found the perfect “fit” and know that I could not have developed my business so quickly and efficiently if I had not had an assistant readily available to help me. Having a VA is better than hiring someone locally unless you need them in your office for specific structured tasks. A VA is available to you in “real time” or you can email requests and tasks to be handled the next business day. A truly invaluable service for busy professionals!

Patrick Williams, Ed. D,

Founder, The Institute for Life Coach Training

Deciding to work with a virtual assistant was one of the best things I’ve done for myself and my business. My VA is efficient, smart, funny and has a great deal of marketing savvy. She has suggested ways to grow my business that I had never thought of. She’s assisted me in handling order processing, database management, sales and internet marketing as well as many other details that make up my business. She’s been a great partner for my one-person operation. I wish I had known about AssistU trained virtual assistants years ago!

Lynn Robinson

Anastacia…I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help in finding me the world’s best VA! I was blown away by the incredible caliber of all the applicants – they are all SO accomplished and highly trained. AssistU is definitely the Yale of virtual assistant education. The Registry Gold service is great – your in-depth knowledge and personal experience about working with each applicant is worth its weight in Gold! Many thanks.

Julie Guest

Boulder & Louder

Darn you for having such amazing women in your community! 🙂 Thank you so much for connecting me with them! The process has been so easy and wonderful and I love this fantastic service that you offer!

Jeanne Henningsen

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
– Unknown