Jon Nix

“It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it…”

What I Do at AssistU

My long-standing relationship with AssistU and Anastacia started off in the area of community building and from that it has developed into a wide array of tasks and roles, ranging from website design and programming to graphics and taking care of the technical aspects of the community portal. I love the challenges and the opportunities that come my way thanks to AssistU!

My Bio

I began my internet career alongside completing my Ph.D. in the mid-90s working as one of the first volunteer UK Guides for AOL and subsequently became a producer in the “Communities” Channel at AOL UK. Seeing the growing potentials of what we actually called the “world wide web”, I left AOL UK to start my own website design and consultancy business and since then have worked with a wide variety of clients, private and public, large and small, on both sides of the Atlantic, offering professional services with a genuinely personal touch in website production, community and media.

Quirky Things About Me

  • I was an “extra” on a Spielberg-produced film when I was in my early teens.
  • I de-stress by picking up a guitar, a bass, a cello, a clarinet, a synth, or drum machine pads. Music is my first love.
  • I once shepherded a housemate’s hamster outside, thinking we had a mouse invasion. Seconds later, I found a hitherto unknown opened cage minus its inhabitant, but thankfully the rodent was quite happy to be invited back inside again when I re-opened the door.
  • I attempted to learn the unicycle to raise money for a friend’s daughter.
  • I’m still attempting to learn the unicycle.
  • I can’t let it win.
  • My best friend is 74 years old.
  • He introduced me to the unicycle. Despite this, he’s still my best friend.

What I Love Most About AssistU

I love that AssistU trains people to be true reflectors of the values of integrity and love for what they do. I’ve never met an AssistU grad who hasn’t impressed me and I don’t ever expect to.