With Thanksgiving behind us, many of us will turn our attention today to finding and sending gifts to clients and valued business contacts. Because it can be a challenge to find things that are different and special, easy to order, and allow us to stay within a budget, we thought it would be fun to create a list of ideas.

for the love of giving

We asked our community what they love to give, and hope you find something here for a special someone.

  • Gorgeous and oh-so delish, MarieBelle chocolates are hand-made from single-origin cocao. Opening a box of edible art is always a thrill, but the joy in eating it is even better. PS. They have other yummies, too, from bars to drinking chocolate to teas.
  • Using carefully blended natural fragrance and pure essential oils, Land by Land candles and incense turn any space into something special.
  • Houston Llew creates incredibly beautiful “Spritiles” crafted from glass on copper, and pairing an image and quotation that together, speak to the soul.
  • ILA’s aim is to inspire people to gather, cook, and celebrate the are of a shared meal. To that end, they source the items they offer from farms, purveyors, and artisans the world over. Find oils, salts, spices, syrups, honies, and gift collections to make giving even easier.
  • We are fascinated by the collections at Kauffmann Mercantile (doesn’t everyone need a natural bristle laptop keyboard brush, a six-sided metal ruler,or a lemon peel baseball?). There’s clearly something for everyone here—home, kitchen, accessories, office, beauty, outdoors, young at heart…lovely, interesting gifts.
  • The Grommet is another site that, like Kauffmann Mercantile, has an amazement of different items. From the vegan-friendly Handbag Handcuff to the Wrap-a-Nap to the Collapsible Cooler to body massage rods, whatever your client’s interest, they pretty well have you covered.

And here are a few one-offs that we love:

And there you have it, this year’s round-up of gracious, thoughtful, and different gift ideas. Happy shopping!!