Find a VA

By now you know about getting the right help, and about AssistU VAs—that they aren’t minions—they’re a genuine cut above with their business savvy, their amazing training for this business (and how that helps them understand your business needs), their expertise in administrative and operational support, and their focus on relationships and long-term collaboration with clients. If you need more on that, check out our FAQ.

When you’re clear that working with one of our VAs is what you want, the next step would be to have us help you connect with our VAs, yes?

We’re happy to offer that help in three ways:


The Registry

If you’re sure that know what you need, use our 100% free, do-it-yourself search tool!

Wise Help Session

Unclear or have questions? Consult with us first so that you can search smarter.

Registry Gold

Done-with-you. This is the very-smartest way to search!

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– Dale Carnegie