Ethical Standards

From the time we created the Virtual Assistance profession in 1997, AssistU has had the highest professional standards. As we’ve grown, we’ve continually held the bar high for the industry in many ways, including developing the strongest definition for what virtual assistants do and what virtual assistance is, and having a stringent code of professional ethics and standards of excellence all VAs in our community agree to adhere to in the running of their businesses. Our goal is professionalism, and our standards show that.

Here you’ll find those standards, as well as a grievance process for anyone working with, or having professional dealings with an AssistU VA who believes the VA has violated our ethical guidelines; we realize that it’s not enough to expect our standards to be upheld—we have to be willing to make sure they’re upheld, or there’s no reason to have them to begin with.

This is important to you as a client because it shows that our VAs believe in, and commit to, something worthy. And it shows that we care enough about what we say we stand for to actually stand for it.

These links will help you learn more about our standards, and what you can do if you believe an AssistU VA you’ve worked with has committed a violation.


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– Theodore Roosevelt