portrait of Amy Kazor at the beach.

“A full practice doesn’t happen the day after graduation, every client isn’t going to be ideal, and it’s not always easy, but it’s always rewarding.”

What I Do at AssistU

I walk alongside mentees as they navigate their journeys through our Virtual Mentoring Program. I am consistently challenged, as they are, to evaluate the unique opportunities within entrepreneurship. I get to experience each mentee grow into a new self-awareness, gain understanding, and build her foundation for future growth.

My Bio

In 2002, after a twelve-year stint co-owning a family retail business, I transitioned into the corporate world – madly in love with the thought of 9-5, Monday – Friday hours. I found a position that allowed me to take an entrepreneurial approach to my work. I was soon running my department and building a service back office to the sales organization. My office skills and virtual world exploded. I learned how much more I had to offer when I combined those hard computer skills with my love of creating meaningful experiences for people.

Wanting to do more of that, I launched my practice in January 2008. I worked part-time from home while working that corporate day-job. I graduated from AssistU’s Virtual Training Program in 2011, earned my CPVA (Certified Professional Virtual Assistant) designation in 2013, and my CMVA (Certified Master Virtual Assistant) designation in 2016. AssistU’s training helped me create a business and VA practice I now love.

I believe that our life and work experiences, values, education, and relationships shape who we are. Just like beach glass, after the toss and tumble of life, we aren’t left in the tide quite how we entered the water, and no two of us are alike. My unique past shaped and polished who I am and made me a perfect fit for my ideal clients, and my experience, training, and skills with planning help me create unique experiences in my life and the lives I am blessed to touch.

I enjoy mentoring new students through the AssistU Virtual Mentoring Program and hosting post-graduate internships. I gain satisfaction from witnessing the ah-ha moments and seeing the light bulbs go off. I grow, too, each time I lead, and am grateful to have the opportunity to spread my wings while I help others do the same. My business mission is: Nurture Your Business, Share Your Gifts, and Live Your Purpose. Living this out in my life, for my clients, and for other VA’s is what lights me up inside.

You can learn more about my business, here: www.amyhood.biz

Quirky Things About Me

  • I live on the Chesapeake Bay in Norfolk, VA! I have lived in Michigan, Illinois (32 years), Kentucky, Texas, and I was born an Army brat in Georgia
  • I am a foodie, and I love a good cocktail, dark chocolate, and deep, bold red wines. Sometimes, though, those yummies don’t love me back. I am happily navigating a way of eating that serves my body and soul. I am actively learning to find alternatives that make my body happy while bringing satisfaction to my meals.
  • I have a 70+ pound English Cream Retriever named Finlay. He sleeps in my office while I work and generally runs me around the yard (and anyplace else possible) as soon as possible thereafter.
  • I am happiest near a large body of water and, someday, I will work in Key West or on some other island in the winters. Mark my words.

One Thing I Love About AssistU

I love Anastacia’s Registry Gold Process which helps a client slow down and be super-smart in the search and selection of an ideal VA to work with.