In my office, I have many things that inspire me. One of them is a perpetual wall calendar (I admit I don’t use it, but it’s beautiful, so I keep it). It’s done in mixed media, and across the top in fabric, paper, blocks, and marbles, is a sentence:

Improve your spare moments, they will become your brightest.

Although paraphrased from a longer Emerson quote, I prefer this one! For me, it has one meaning—for you, possibly something very different. Here’s my suggestion: have high standards for your spare moments, too, rather than considering them unmeaningful, as they are really anything but that.

It doesn’t matter so much what you do with them; as you know, I prefer to do almost nothing with my own spare moments, and can wile away hours and hours sitting and watching the world around me, and yet that has ever so much meaning to me. Just do whatever you do with purpose, and make conscious choices (don’t sleepwalk through your life), and you’ll likely find that all your moments are your brightest.