New Here?

Welcome! We’re happy you’re here!  AssistU is a company committed to two things:

  1. Helping women who want to be terrific virtual assistants (VAs) start and grow businesses on their own terms, and
  2. Helping clients connect with our wonderfully trained VAs to get the help they desperately need and so richly deserve.

This site is for you if you’re interested in working with a VA.

If you’re interested in our top-notch training to help you become a terrific VA, click here to be automagically transported to the site we built just for you!

In the right place? Great, let’s go!

If you’re like many of the people who come to us looking for help, you’re tired, overwhelmed with all you have to do and want to do, and wish there were someone who could save the day.

Does any of that sound like you? If so, you’re in good company. We believe literally everyone feels that way at some point.

And we know how that feels because, from our Founder, Anastacia Brice, to our team members, to the VAs we’ve trained, everyone at AssistU, has experienced it in her own business at some point in time or another.

But that’s also why AssistU exists: to help you smartly connect with our VAs in the hopes that you will find someone to work with who can not only save the day but help you reduce the number of days that need saving in the first place. ‘Cause let’s face it, none of us got into business to be miserable, stressed, overwhelmed, or feel like our days need saving.

Because you’re new to us (we figure you wouldn’t still be reading this if you weren’t!), we wanted to put together some info you could scan with some quick links to help you find your way around.

Five Steps to What You Need to Know

  1. Read about why getting the right help matters so much, and how we help you find it.
  2. Read about working with our terrific and well-trained virtual assistants so that you have a better idea of who you’ll be connecting with.
  3. Read what some of their clients have to say about working with them, and with us. We hope their reviews and inspired comments are helpful to you.
  4. Get a sense of who we are, how we came to create the virtual assistance profession and read a few blog posts to learn how we see the VA and client relationship, and to pick up some tips that might help you stay smart in your search. Anastacia writes just about everything on the blog, and what she has to say there mirrors what you’ll find when you connect with our VAs (after all, we trained ‘em!).
  5. Have more questions? Our FAQ should help. If you still have others, you can always email us. We’re happy to help get you going in the right direction!

And a bonus: See what our VAs share about their experiences with us and the training they received. This will tell you something about us, and, in their words, you’ll learn something about them and how they run their businesses.

And when you’re ready to get the help you so badly need and so richly deserve, choose the path that’s right for you and get started.

We look forward to getting to know you!

“You can do anything.
You just can’t do everything
and especially not all at
once, or all alone.”
– Anastacia Brice